Feb 20, 2009

Magazine "Blinders"

You CAN make a difference!
So, Publix puts magazine blinders on many of their racy magazines in the checkout lines - for which I am very grateful.
Kroger, on the other hand, did not (at least not the Kroger closest to my house). I grew very tired of trying to distract my boys from looking at the magazines as we waited in line. I finally called my Kroger to ask that they place blinders on their mags.
It was quite the process - I didn't give up!
I was first told that Kroger Headquarters has to make that choice. Individual stores cannot.
I called Kroger Headquarters to inquire about the blinders and was told that individual stores can request them from Headquarters.
I called my local store and gave them the information on how to request blinders.
Headquarters calls and says that they will talk to the store for me. Gee, thanks! :) They also ask which magazines I wish to see covered (I wanted to say "Anything that shows cleavage!"), but instead I asked that magazines that boast racy Headlines be covered.

Do you know . . . in about a week my store had BLINDERS on some of the mags??
Do you also know that I got a Thank You card from Kroger for expressing my concern?
Do you further know that Kroger also offered me a gift card for expressing my conern???
I'll give my gift card to someone else - lest anyone think that I am "in it" for freebies. lol.
So, for those of you who shop at the Kroger close to my house - look for the blinders. When you see them, you'll know how they got there!

Anyway, I feel quite accomplished in changing my local Kroger. Now, I think I will call them up and ask that they DO cover the cleavage. Good luck to me.

I hope that anyone who wants to see a change in their neighborhood or community will "just do it." I hope that we are not the type of people who will sit back and "hope that someone else will do it."
One person can make a difference.

One more example: During Calvin's first year in Kindergarten I noticed that his cafeteria was using styrofoam lunch trays. What a huge trash haul!! I put in a LOT of time to do research and at a PTA meeting I again expressed my concern. I even made charts that showed just how much Styrofoam our school system was putting into the trash. ha ha! That chart was even sent to the county!
Do you know that in a matter of weeks our cafeteria was using plastic resuable trays??
Yep, that is ME at work. One person. :)


carrie r. said...

That is so cool. Way to go Jill!! I am so glad you shared this. I am embarrassed to admit that I am very guilty of thinking that company executives really don't care what I have to say, so when I have these kinds of concerns, I stew about it and don't say anything. This is an awesome example of how our voice really does make a difference. My mother is also good at this kind of thing, she will almost always speak up for change and often has accomplished her object,so I don't know where I got this wimpy weak attitude. :) After reading your post I am resolved to do better!

Jensen Fam said...

For anyone who doesn't know Jill as good as me, which probably constitutes the majority of her readers b/c I am her favorite sister :), newsflash - she makes a difference everywhere and doesn't stop until it gets done. Model mom, wife, sister, friend - she has it all!!

The BirdHouse said...

Did I ever tell you your my hero? and p.s. why did I have to read about this on a blog and not hear it from your own 2 lips?