Feb 12, 2009

Our Homeschool Happenings

Weight Lifting "Wimpy Kid" style How Calvin likes to do math

How Liv likes to read
How Josh reads to LivHow Josh reads to DadHow Josh reads.

Our Southwest Indian Study ended with our own Indian weavings.

Josh needed a scale for a math project. We didn't have one, so we made one. Cool, huh? Oh, and we discovered that 11 pennies weighs about one ounce.

Mr. Cool.

Our Fun TimeLine. We started with the Premortal Existance, and have run the timeline to the year 2000. We have added figures such as Adam and Eve, the Vikings, Mozart, Christopher Columbus, and Joseph Smith (our most recent addition is the Civil War).

This isn't really homeschool related, but I thought is was too cute to leave in a folder!

I can't remember if I have already posted this, so I'll post it anyway - Last year I had the boys do their math outside while the weather was nice.
Our most recent study for Josh's Heritage Studies was on the Croaton "tree" and the settlement of Roanoke. We hypothesized that the settlers died en route to the Croaton Indians. Josh actually thinks they were eaten by sharks . . . Calvin agrees but thinks that the sharks ate the settlers on the beach! What?!

Josh doing math . . . before he gets hot. The Story . . . Josh sits next to the window, and for some reason he hets "over heated" while doing MATH! Everytime he does math, he starts to "slump" and complains that he is hot. Then off comes the shirt - yep, he takes his shirt off every day. It only happens during math - dunno why.
Happy at the beginning of math.....
starting to slump.....
I'll spare you the "no-shirt" photo.
Calvin thinking hard during an English test.
What a pretty cursive "h".
Calvin's study on the atmosphere:


carrie r. said...

This is neat. I didn't know you homeschooled. Have you always home-schooled your kids?

Jill said...

This is our first year to homeschool the boys. It has been a fun challenge . . . challenge being the fun word of the day. :)
Doing this with a little one running round the house has been interesting. It doesn't help that when the boys are together they giggle and laugh way way too much. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like you are doing a great job. What fun things you're doing at your house. I wish we could come visit.