May 1, 2009

Homeschool: Projects

Yes, that is Liv working on learning fractions. lol!
Josh showing his "hornbook". The pilgrim children would put their schoolwork on a wooden board and then cover the paper with a thin layer of a cow's horn (it acted like a plastic). They would tie this hornbook around their necks so they could do their chores while they learned to read.
We talked about how important learning to read is. We compared the Nephites to the Lamanites and their education. There are such stark contrasts to these two civilizations. The Nephites knew the importance of learning to read and write. They knew that they needed to preserve their language. They lived "after the manner of happiness". The Lamanites . . . not so much. We are grateful that we can read. We are grateful that we can read the scriptures in our own homes (the Pilgrims could only read the scriptures in church).
This is our 3-D model of Jamestown

Greg's dad took the boys on a field trip to learn about Native Americans. Our county offers the best homeschool field trips!! Here, Calvin is showing us his clay dish and a cornstalk doll. The boys also made a little game that the Indians used to play. By attending this field trip, Calvin passed off some cub scout electives. Sweet!

Remember our study on simile? I posted our poems and later had Calvin copy some scriptures that used simile. I even found one that mentioned owls! How's that for "coming full circle"?

In science, we studied how sound travels. We made an accordion book about the workings of the ear and then we conducted the most unique experiment. You HAVE to try this! See photos below for a demonstration.
Tie string around a metal hanger.
Wrap the string around your fingers.
Put your fingers into your ears.
Swing the hanger so that it hits a table or some object.
Listen and smile.
It is awesome.
Try it next with a spoon or a spatula.

Calvin read The Call of the Wild (Children's version) and completed a whole project on it. What a fabulous story!! We just fell in love with Buck.
We learned about the geography in the book (California, Washington, Canada, Alaska).
We learned about the Aurora Borealis for science and looked at many, many photos of the beautiful phenomena.
We made our own Aurora Borealis for art using pastels.
Calvin also illustrated some of the pivitol scenes from the story.
We studied the Klondike Gold Rush for history (fabulous story in itself).

My dad came over to help Calv finish it off. My dad used to own a very large Saint Bernard and was able to talk to Calvin about how big dogs are (the main character in the book, Buck, was part Saint Bernard and part Scottish Shepher). My dad also lived in Alaska for a time. I need to ask him just why in the world he decided to live in Alaska. He told us that the Aurora Borealis is jus as beautiful as we see in the photos. I expect to see some photos, Brien!
Calvin had a good time showing Grandpa his "new world".
Now for a new classic . . . what shall we read next??


Jensen Fam said...

Holy crap, that is a lot of posting! But I love the new pictures since I only hear your kids in the background all the time and never see them. :)

1. Calvin's hands look so big boy in the one close up picture - I know what a random comment but I think I just realized that he isn't little Calvin anymore. So sad!

2. Josh always looks like he is up to trouble! Something about that smile, you can just tell the wheels are turning and he is calculating his next move.

3. Olivia looks nothing like you. Are you sure she is yours? :) Easter dress is adorable and I love her basket. She looks petrified on the go cart. Tell G to play ballerina with her instead. :)

Miss you guys tons. You should see our new place. Actually, you can't see it b/c it is absolutely smothered in BOXES.

The BirdHouse said...

Jill , it amazes me how much you do for your family. Actually, it makes me feel guilty....guilty that I don't do more for my kids and guilty that I take up your valuable time by keeping you on the phone too long!

4-H_chick1425 said...

I love how you are so creative Aunt Jill! When I come up there your gonna have to teach me some things! Some of the thing they are learning I haven't even learned yet! And I'm in 6th grade almost in 7th!!!!!! Calvin needs to teach me some math b/c I am not nearly as good as he is in it! (apperantly!)