May 19, 2009

Field Trip: Six Flags

Six Flags opened up just for homeschoolers. They offered a package deal: admisison, a meal, and a returnvisit ticket for $23. THAT is a steal!
We loved it -
It was overcast
It wasn't too hot or too cold
It wasn't crowded.
We could ride some rides over and over again without a line.
The people there were a great crowd - they were modestly dressed, they were in families, they had clean language, they were polite. The employees were even awesome. A few times as I looked at a map, a park employee would stop and ask if I needed help. How nice is that?

Liv rode this ride about a dozen times. She finally got tired of it! Whew!

Some of these kiddie rides were a bit lame (even for Calvin), but they had fun, anyway.

This was ON THE WAY to Six Flags. Nice!

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The BirdHouse said...

Great pictures. I can't believe Liv rode thise rides. I don't know if Lilah would have or not.