May 1, 2009

Spring Fun

We had a stray cat come to visit us for a few days. It turns out that the cat actually lived next door to my mom! It was a "mommy cat" and she really needed to get back to her kittens. What a coincidence! Josh fell in love with the cat and played with it on our front porch.
GO - Kart Time!! Liv had her first time on the Go-Kart. She didn't do too badly!

We let the boys drive for the first time. Before anyone write to tell me what a horrible mom I am to let my boys ride without helmets . . . don't. They barely gained any speed as they rode, though you wouldn't know it looking at the photo below. :)

Liv discovered the faucet as a water fountain. Nice.

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4-H_chick1425 said...

I have got to try that Go-cart out! And Liv is so smart!