Feb 19, 2009

Functional Family

We are all bombarded with the "woes" of the Dysfunctinal Family. It is enough to wear a person out and can breed discouragement.
I just read an article in this month's Ensign about just that!
And then I found a free online course through the BYU website.
Check it out. I think I will start the e-course in a few days when I can really focus on what I am reading.
Just thought I would pass it along in case anyone else was interested.

The highlights of the Ensign article are:
  • In the functional family, parents focus their energy on teaching their children correct principles and allowing them to exercise their agency.
  • In the functional family, parents intentionally strengthen their families.
  • In the functional family, relationships are of supreme importance.
  • In the functional family, parents are active teachers.
  • In the functional family, parents lead by example.
  • Finally, in the functional family, parents teach their children faith in our Heavenly Father and in the Lord Jesus Christ.
The e-course:

The Ensign Article:

Also, while I am doing some deep thinking about my family , I thought I would throw this website in. It talks about three different types of parenting:
Survial Parenting - These parents say, “If I can just make it through the child-rearing years, I can get my life back.”
Default Parenting - These parents say, “I don’t want my child to miss out on what all the other kids have.”
Intentional Parenting - These parents say,
“I want to give my child what will be best and most helpful for him.”

Hmmm, which parent am I? KBB, NO comments! lol. There is always room for improvement!

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