Mar 3, 2009

Snow Day

Georgian's blogs are all abuzz about our ONE snow day here. It was very pretty. These photos are in no order - just cute snapshots of what we played with.
The morning after the snowfall, we played in the backyard for a while again. We somehow forgot about our FRONT yard. There was a whole lotta untouched snow out front. The boys totally went wild out front - it is flat there and much more fun. That black dot in the distance is Josh, by the way. Calvin chose to go "snow diving". He would plop down face down in the snow and just lay there. What a kid.
My camera died after that or I would have more photos of that fun.

I THINK Liv is under there!

G's boots going to his truck.

The beginning of the snow fort - it got bigger.

There's my little girl!!

Josh and his Harry Potter scarf!

Calvin dressed himself. I love the soccer shorts over his pants - nice touch.

Liv anxious to go oustide.

V-Day cookies.


Jensen Fam said...

So those cookies would look good any time b/c you are an amazing baker but they are looking mighty tempting at 11:30 tonight. :) You should mail some my way. I can't believe you guys got so much snow! It was bone dry when we got home from our visit. :( The kids kept asking for snow and Abby even said 'maybe we can get a little bit? maybe we can ask Santa in a letter and he will bring me some snow. he loves me." You are a good mom - YOUR kids faces were covered. Miss you guys already!

The BirdHouse said...

Great pictures. I'm still trying to recover from the shock of you updating your blog! haha Greg's smile looks even bigger than the kids. 3 things I especially love about this post:
1) the rare photo of you
2) the v'day cookies
3) O's green scarf matched with her pink coat :)

Anonymous said...

We were totally ripped off in the snow department. They got 4" 30 minutes south of us and we got NOTHING!!! The good news is that Blake didn't have to worry about cancelling church on Sunday. All the roads were dry.

Rachelle & Steve said...

I can't believe ya'll got snow! Your kids look darling, & enjoying every minute! Your blog is so wonderful & it should inspire me enough to be better at mine! lol