Mar 17, 2009

Homeschool: Bodies, The Exhibition

We went to see the Bodies Exhibition last month!
It was really, really neat.
The Cardiovascular exhibit was the most amazing part!
If you get the chance to go, DO!
There were some sections that could be "iff-ey" for kids, but we let our kids see it all. We walked ahead just to be sure it was all okay, though.
We marveled at how awesome the body is.
We talked about things in a very "matter-of-fact" way and it went over nicely.
If you can go, google discount codes. We used the code "SUPERTIX" and got 15% off.
You can't take strollers.
You can't take photos.
But, it was worth the trip.
I learned that the muscles in our hands (the muscles that control our fingers) are actually in our arm. They are connected to our fingers by tendons! If we had those muscles in our hands, our hands would be quite a bit larger than they are! What an awesome design! How can anyone doubt that there is a divine origin on the design of our bodies??

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Brien said...

Isn't it amazing?