Oct 27, 2008

Make a Child Smile.org

We are trying to find Service Projects to do with the boys each month.
Our latest is from Make a Child Smile.
You can send letters to children who are very ill.
My boys wrote to the featured children and wrote down jokes and stories for them. It was really neat to watch my children think of things to write and get excited about sending letters to other children.
Just thought I would pass this along to anyone who might be interested.


Brien said...

great idea!

Rachelle & Steve said...

Wow you are creative! I think I may try that too with my kids. Neat! I didn't realize people were visiting my (not finished yet) blog! lol Kasey set it up for me so today I figured I better do something more with it. I am a rookie for sure! Braxton gets his blue eyes from his dad. Steve is sooo impressed with your blog! ( as am I!)