Oct 12, 2008

Scottsdale, Arizona??

So, I have two cousins that posted something on their blogs that got me thinking.
One cousin posted his irks about private blogs - I happen to echo those feelings, by the way. He said that he doesn't like it when his blog is linked in a private blog and he isn't invited to view the private blog. Is that considered blogging world rude? We found that happened to us . . . and I say that is most definitely rude. :)
A curiosity of my own . . . when people list the blogs they follow on their own blog, why do they include the private blogs? Any answers out there?
The other cousin (who labors under the delusion that he is magic - lol) noted the views/hits to his blog. As he is able to "magically" tell where people are visiting from, he asked that those who visited his blog "stand up and be counted". :) He wanted a comment to let him know who they were. I think that is a great idea. Since then, I have commented on the blogs I visit regularly. If I visit a blog, I leave a comment. Isn't that the blogging world polite thing to do? :)
Anyway, I developed magic powers of my own and see that I have visitors from Scottsdale, Arizona - Phoenix, Arizona and Chandler, Arizona (Phoenix and Chandler use Cox Communications). Now, I do believe that I have family in Arizona - - but who are they? Who in the world do I know from Scottsdale (they use the IP Maricopa)? Or, better yet, who knows me? ;)

In a world of Caller ID, we always seem to know who called our home but didn't leave a message. In the world of blogs, we sometimes never know who "visited our home" but didn't leave a message.


Rachelle & Steve said...

Very good point, so on that note I thought I'd better leave a message while visting your site!!

The BirdHouse said...

Kelly was here!

B said...

You discovered my secret!

Holly said...

I was here....and yes....I agree that it is rude to go to a blog and NOT comment! However, I am not magic, but on my xanga, I know who is on it because it offers a feature of footprints....and it tells me who, when and what they were accessing too......LOL.....

carrie r. said...

Hi Jill. I have really enjoyed reading your blog recently. You have a cute little family, and you inspired me to start couponing. I am sorry I did not comment sooner. :)

In response to your question about why people might include private blogs on their sidebar... I know that I put up my list of blogs so I have a springboard to come back to when I am blog surfing. I usually set aside one evening to read blogs, and so I log into my own and then just go down the list. SO it is more for me than offering suggested reads to visitors. I never thought of it as the latter, but I can see how it might be annoying to read a blog, then see another on the side bar you'd like to check ou t, only to find you are blocked.