Oct 21, 2008


I am posting a link to our very first blog post for a quick history of our family.

This is mainly for anyone who is just now "finding us" :)


Sheree said...

I enjoyed reading your first post. You probably don't remember because you were too busy with other important matters, but I was a part of the kitchen help at your reception and did a good job of keeping the table stocked with refreshments. You have a darling family!

L'Anita Heiss said...

Jill, thanks for that repost! How timely since today was my first time reading through it. Your kids are so cute! By the way, I am a BIG fan of Jane Austen literature, and I saw a movie not too long ago produced by BBC (their version of P&P is my favorite)that is very Jane Austen-ish. I loved it! It's called "Wives and Daughters." I highly recommend it to P&P fans!
Thanks for sending me your blog address! It was a fun read! Do you mind if I include it on the "friends" list on our blog?