Nov 2, 2008

Photo update

These are out of order, but the just is: misc photos of Olivia.
Photos from Dallin's 4th birthday party a few weeks ago.

Playing in the salt . . . always fun.
Liv pours salt into her cup . . . takes a "sip" . . .

What a pitiful face!

This is Liv's own doing. She is listening to classical music (she requested the headphones and even the CD) and sat down with a National Geographic magazine and thumbed through it for a while.

It is blurry, but hopefully you can see the SUDS in our washing machine!!! All that white stuff . . . suds. Not a good thing. We could literally scoop them out and throw them into the air as fluff. I think that Tide and vinegar is NOT a good combination for washing.

This CUTE personalized bib came from

I was able to pick out my own fabric and initial. I love it!

(shamelss plug for my sister's shop, I know)

A rare shot of Aunt Mari with Dallin and Abby.

She was the one to bring bread - the moms of the group completely forgot about it.

Aunts ARE good for something. :)

Watch out, Voldemort (nope, I'm not afraid to say his name!). lol. Jan and Eric came down for Dallin's birthday party. Aunt Mari surprised all three nephews with Practice wands of their own. (really, we don't believe in witchcraft, but a true Harry Potter fan would appreciate a little wooden stick to "swish and flick") :)
Nice food on Josh's face - that kid is always sporting his latest meal.

Liv caught RED HANDED after her wall marking incident (see post below).

Liv found a booster seat that we save for Dallin and Abby company. It is the right size for her and has become her little chair.

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The BirdHouse said...

Those before/after pics of O tasting salt are classics!