Nov 2, 2008


Each year we make two trick or treating stops: My mom's and Greg's parents. This year we also threw in a trunk or treating at a local church (not ours, just one down the road).

Trick or treating at Grandma's

Trick or treating at Nana and Grandaddy's

Greg's grandfather came to see the little trick or treaters and gave them money! How's that for some loot?! :)

A pirate, a lady bug (with fairy wings), and a pumpkin
Liv is only three months older than the other two girls, but look how tall she is!
She is just so dang long. :)

Whooo is that glowing pumpkin?
That is Liv's BFF. Isn't she a doll??

Church fall festival with our annual chili cook-off. Greg is such a good daddy to fix his little girl's anntenae. :) By the way, we borrowed Liv's costume from a cute little girl in our ward. That is one way to save money!

Greg and I both dressed up as firefighters (creative, I know). He looks much better in the turnouts than I do so I won't post a photo of me. :) No one will care about this, but see the flashlight on Greg's coat? That was his Christmas present last year. That sucker cost us $70! It is a super halogen, blah blah blah flashlight with a output of 60,000 candles (or something like that). I surprised him with it - what a gift! Anyway, it reportedly cuts through smoke really well - glad to know I am furthering G's safety.

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The BirdHouse said...

That little pumpkin fairy is a cutie! The girls all look like they are being tortured!
I didn't realize your kids costume colors matched. Was that on purpose? If so, they make a pill for that. I love the sunflare over G's shoulder.