Sep 12, 2008

Nighty Night

The sweet sight of sleeping kids does something for a mom! I feel like I can finally breathe when night comes and the house is asleep. Calv's in my bed but I am not sure why he was there. :)

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The BirdHouse said...

Calvin looks like he's faking it! haha I love Josh's little hand under his chin!

Jensen Fam said...

Cute pjs on O. Calvin looks like he thinks hard even in his sleep. And C and D look alike when they are passed out. Your kids also win the cute pjs award. D would never have owned a cute pair w/o your hand me downs and A can only drool over O's cute ones. I am inspired to find some cute ones this winter for A. Where do you shop? And it is also weird to see your kids in clothes that I've never seen them in before. I am not sure why but I think its because I was around all the time when C was little and I knew his wardrobe well, as did my bank account. Anyway, just seems like I am missing a super important part of their lives or something. :) We should shop together one day when I am in town. Miss ya.

Jensen Fam said...

Oh and Happy Birthday!!! I tried calling many times - C said you were napping. :) That is a wonderful present. Mine won't top that for sure.