Jan 9, 2008

The Sophoclean

We visited the High Museum today to see the Impressionist Collection and also the pieces on loan from the Louvre. I fell in love with one or two pieces and am kicking myself for not writing down the name of the pieces!! I miraculously remembered the name of a little statuette I saw. The Sophoclean, 330-300 BC.

I wish thie photo was of a different angle, but here it is nonetheless. It is so pretty. You can't tell, but the woman's face has a drape around it and the delicate work it must have taken to make her face so pretty would be amazing to see. If I find another angle, I will post it - now I know why people steal from museums. :)

I know this second picture is small, but it shows more of the statuette.

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Jensen Family said...

That is awesome! I can't wait to check it out.