Jan 15, 2008


So, we went bowling recently (expensive sport for a family!) and I laughed each time the boys bowled - they were so funny hauling those heavy balls down to the lane. :) I am posting two videos.

#1: Josh wanted to use "the silver thing" that bowlers put their ball on and roll it down (instead of bowling by hand). We told him "one more time without the silver thing" . . . and he got a spare (thank heavens for bumper guards!)

#2: Calvin didn't get a spare, and became more and more frustrated - you can see him looking "down and out". Poor kid. ;) I think he had fun, though.

BTW, I won the game - two strikes (again, thank heavens for bumper guards!)!

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Dad said...

I could feel the balls hitting the lane floor from here. You sure do fun family activities. A little of everything. Keep it up.