Jan 15, 2008

Our own "Monets"

Can YOU tell which one is Monet? LOL.

After visiting the museum, I got the "bug" to bring culture and experience to our little family. I bought some acrylic paints (oils might be easier to work with), some canvas/paper and paint brushes. Greg gave us all a little painting lesson last night for Family Night and we tried to copy the painting in the middle. I finished mine late last night and have to say that I am impressed with myself . . . the fist time ever painting like this. It was really fun. In between taking care of Liv, that is. The boys started theirs but didn't get to finish before it was bed time. BTW, mine is the one on the bottom . . . if you know Bob Ross, you will understand me when I say that I decided to add "happy little mountains" to go with my "happy little clouds". lol. Oh, and - copying a painting like that is HARD! Greg's version (on the top) is good (of course), and his house is really cute.

Thanks for looking at our mini museum. :)


The BirdHouse said...

OH...MY... GOODNESS!!!! I can't tell you how impressed I am. Jill that is amazing. We knew Greg's would be good but yours is just as awesome!

lindaremund said...

I'm sooo impressed!! I guess living with an artist can be advantageous! You are both top notch!! Post the boys work, would ya?

Dad said...

Is this your Monet gesanitkunstwerk? Like to see more.