Jan 15, 2008

The car ride to church

Um, yeah . . . this is what I hear some Sundays on our way to church. I took this video and think I did a pretty good job aiming the camera; considering I was also driving.

The first video is just a video of SILLY BOYS - how Liv knew I had the camera I don't know, but you can see her trying to get in the picture, too!

The second is . . . just funny - crude, boy humor, but funny. Josh's laugh is so contagious.


Silly Boys

Laughter . . .


pookybabs said...

I love the videos! Josh's laugh is the custest!!!! It made me laugh out loud just watching it!!! I sure miss getting to teach him each week!

Scooter & Emi said...

Of COURSE you know this was cute!!

Did Greg show you the ward history?? I was so happy with how it turned out.

I LOVED your paintings--you did a great job! And I loved your happy little clouds and mountains. :) I'm surprised there wasn't a happy little tree there, too! :D

Dad said...

Probably better to church than at church. Yup, they're boys. Olivia will fix 'em.