Jan 12, 2009

Kid Stuff?!

A few questions from Calvin's science book. I was quizzing him today and had to rethink the answers myself. Calvin, however, was able to give me the answers without hesitation. I know they studied this last year in school, but I am just amazed at how young these kids are to know this stuff.
Ahem . . .

  • List the states of matter according to the speeds of their molecules, from fastest to slowest.
  • In what three states does matter exist?
  • Are ice, water and steam different substances? Why or why not? (to which Calvin replied, "They are the same substance, they are made up of the same molecules, they are just in different states of matter."

Does anyone else remember learning this stuff in elementary school?

Calvin has decided that wants to be a chemist when he grows up . . . and also an inventor, and also an author, and also a . . . the list keeps getting longer.


Sheree said...

Homeschooling was the best thing I ever did! The things James could learn and the opportunities were endless. For Calvin, there is no holding back because of others in his class. It is just Calvin and his thirst for knowledge. Go for it!

Jensen Fam said...

I am so glad I passed your test over the phone. :) Amazing how much common sense stuff you can forget or at least get pushed to the farthest corner in your mind to make room for more important things - like how to pack a decent diaper bag and how to change a diaper in your lap. ;)

L'Anita Heiss said...

Yeah, I remember learning those things....in tenth grade! :)

Hope you're doing well. I'm looking forward to your next update!