Jan 2, 2009

Christmas Photos

No explanation necessary.


Putting cookies out for Santa.

Jan, Eric and kids spent the night Christmas Eve. Having extra people in the house makes it look like Santa really loaded our family with goodies. Olivia got the table and Abby got the kitchen. Santa's presents are the gifts in red and white.

Jand and Eric trying their hand at our new Wii (thanks to G's parents!!)


The BirdHouse said...

Awesome pictures. Your kids are really gorgeous. You shouldn't have posted the picture with O and the eggs. It made my heart stop! Please tell me that's not gonna happen at my house!!

The BirdHouse said...
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The BirdHouse said...
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Rachelle & Steve said...

I too love the pics of the kids! They really are all so gorgeous! Way to go! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

L'Anita Heiss said...

Ok, it's already been said by everyone above, but I loved the beautiful pictures of you and your kids in the leaves. Those gorgeous blue eyes just jump out at you!