Jan 1, 2009

Google Readers:

To those who use Reader to view blogs - - you are missing my latest widgets. :)
Actually, my only widgets . . . that I just added.
The church website has a new site for youth . . . A Brand New Year . . . it is really a fun site. I am still getting to know it, but like it so far. It has a "vibrant" look about it - edgy almost, but fun.
Anyway, go to my blog (outside of reader) and see the new song widget I added. :)

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L'Anita Heiss said...

I had a lot of catching up to do in your blog today since this has been a crazy holiday season. Wonderful posts! I loved them all--the pictures from your amazing "field trip" to Nigeria, the fall colors, the "Fireman's wife" posts, the hilarious quotes from Josh. Thanks for a great read. The more I read about your family and all the goings-on at your house, the more I am impressed by you.