May 4, 2008


So, Greg picks 5 gallons of strawberries so that I will have something to can.
I, in turn, tell my dear "old" friend that she will learn to make strawberry jelly this year (actually, I told her that she would learn to make it last year but we were too busy having babies to make jelly). :)

It becomes a family affair.
Here's the breakdown of responsibility:
The moms wash and stem the berries
The children get the juice out of the berries (amid "boyish" comments about the juice looking gruesome)
The moms cook the jelly and fill the jars
The dads screw the lids onto the jars and moved them to the table to cool

Four batches of jelly later but still more juice to go, we call it a night.

This is the good life, people!
Now, this is no special jelly recipe, but I think I will enter the jelly into the county fair this year. I don't expect to win by any stretch of the imagintation, but at least I can say that I entered the county fair! lol.

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The BirdHouse said...

Bless you, bless you, bless you for not posting a pic of me on the blog. P.S. I think the jelly turned out GREAT!!