May 18, 2008

Mother's Day

josh was trying to catch the kite's tail

check out the look on his face . . . and ignore the grass in the background. greg cut the yard, but neglected the "pond" this time around.

calvin is trying to catch the kite's tail

So, I made some fun this Mother's Day. The wind was really ripping outside, so we took out our only kite and made it fly. The clouds were soo pretty!

Gotta love Veggie Tales!!


The BirdHouse said...

Boy, when you tell your kids to go fly a kite, they really do go fly a kite!! 'Looks like they had fun. I notice that Livs dress is a little immodest, though. :)

Melissa Hardin said...

Looks like fun. We could never fly a kite here with all our trees. The picture of Calvin watching the kite is pretty cool on your site because of the temple background it looks like he's looking at a kite flying in front of the temple. Very neat.

The BirdHouse said...

I found you!!! You can run sista but you can't hide!!!