May 18, 2008

My favorite scrapbook pages

Only a select few of you will want to see all of these photos. For the rest . . . don't even bother scrolling down. :) lol
Please note: I am a great copycat. I come up with very few of my own ideas. I can't take credit for many of these layouts, but I CAN take credit for the really cute kids pictured on each page.
Also, I am very behind on my books, which will explain the absence of Liv's pages. :)
LOVE this page - all from scratch. I made the curtains out of velum, and you can actually "lift" them up to see the window better

nothing special about the layout, just thought i would share some joshie pics.

love the page - it soo fits josh! "A Joshiesaurus is . . ."

if you are able to read the journaling . . . that is my joshie!

just thought the photo was too cute not to share. :) got the letters for the title from HN's sizzix!! Man, I miss that thing. :)

love the page - - now to add the photos!

got the idea from creative memories. i used velum for the letters spelling "ICE"

love the stickers on the side bar.

Dino-mite Uncle was a great title for Uncle Matt - what a stud he is. :)

this one took a while - c built a tower out of videos . . . the page is covered in little construction stickers. it took a while to do, but i think it turned out nicely.

i have always liked clean lines, and thought this page "fit" together nicely

what good brothers they are :) i used two-tones circles at the top of the page

the paper behind this page looks like a terry cloth towel - very cool.

like the right page - idea came from creative memories

left page shows what Aunt Nanny can do with my boys and markers - if you zoom in to Calvin's back you will see that Jan wrote the word "turd" on there. Hmmm.

i had no idea how to jazz up those photos - no real theme and no stickers to add, so i punched a bunch of dots and there ya go.

love the stickers - used CM square punch to make the little box frames

this one is one of my mostest favorite pages - doesn't even need journaling

My first "real" page done - Josh's first girl scout cookie

each year on Labor Day our stake hosts "Family Day at the temple - the temple opens on Monday just for our stake. That way we can "labor" for our families. It is awesome! i had to do a page for each boy's book, and these are the two formats i came up with for the same photos this is a different year - my favorite photo is on the right page, top left. the sun's rays were just perfect as the boys walked up together

This page isn't really that great, but the idea behind the activity IS! I boiled several boxes of spaghetti noodles in colored water and put them all in a small swimming pool. Added a slide and some kids, and we had a great time!!

we spent thanksgiving at the fire station that year

calvin's first fishing trip. greg still needs to journal that page.


The BirdHouse said...

Um...when did you do these pages? If it was recently (as in the past few days) then I have 2 questions for you. #1 When did you find the time? and #2 Why wasn't I invited?
Very nice though. I noticed that in one set of pics Josh favored Dallin a bit (maybe it was the hair) and another younger pic of J, I saw Liv in him. Although it's interesting that Liv and Dallin look nothing alike!

Melissa Hardin said...

Cute layouts. As the twins were getting into all my scrapbooking stuff this morning I realized it's been forever since I did anything. I have a picture of Rebecca in the noodles on my fridge and everyone who sees it has to ask about it. It was a great idea.

pookybabs said...

LOL, I remember some of those from camp! So you miss the sizzix huh? Well....wait till I show you what My new "toys' can do.

I bought a new Xyron wishblade hooks up to my computer (as well as the laptop to make it portable) and it can trace a picture, cut a picture, cut ANY font I tell it too...and I even have some pages that I have done using it...I will have to post pics on my xanga site so you can see. My other toy is my new camera. Between my saving my money and Dave putting in the remaining $300 for Mother's Day, I was able to get a new Canon Xti Digital SLR camera. It takes awesome pics and I am still laearning hoe to make good use of all of it's functions........I also got a bunch of lenses to go with I am really ready to get back to scrapping. Oh, and did I mention that I am in charge of the Relief Society's scrapbooking/crafting did THAT happen?????????

pookybabs said...

Oh yeah, did I mention that I am going to the temple tomorrow to take out my endowments????

Mosbys said...

Jill awesome pages. Love the lettering on your pages! Gotta get one of those machines that does it for you.