Dec 8, 2007

Letters FROM Santa!

So, the boys are getting really fancy letters from Santa this year. These aren't your "run-of-the-mill" letters, though. The envelopes have a real postmark from "North Pole, Alaska" and a "real" stamp (used sticker paper).

We went a step further with the envelopes - these are hand-made creations our of cardstock. lol. the envelope seal has gold embossing on the flap (this picture was my practice envelope . . . the others turned out much better).

The envelopes also sport the initials SC with gold embossing as well. The letter content is pretty amazing, too! If you want to copy for your own kids, let me know! I am very excited about the boys getting these.

Thought you might enjoy. :)

FYI - I got my letter content ideas from here. Now, there are many websites that offer letters to your kid for a fee. I looked over some of the other letters, that this particular site has the best ideas I could find. I spent an entire morning doing this research. Yep, you get to piggy back off of my hard work.
Also, if you want to go a step further and print your own envelope with the post mark, go here.
Have fun!


pookybabs said...

yes, please send me a copy.....I have done these for the girls every year so far and have them all hidden away in their baby books.......just running out of desings to use!

kelbird said...

I can't tell you enough how cool Lil' Macs letter turned out! He is gonna freak!

Dad said...

Remember my story about visiting Santa Clause's home in North Pole, Alaska when I lived in Fairbanks? Have photos. Need to tell story and show pix to C, J & O.