Dec 14, 2007

Ice Storm 2005

I thought I would post these for my cousin, BA, who is in the middle of an ice storm in Missouri!

This was our ice storm in 2005. What a storm! We still have trees lining the roads that were bent with the weight of the ice. They are a permanent reminder of what nature can do.

Of course, we had fun with our kids outside. For those non-southerners. . . we don't typically stock our closets with snow clothes. We use what we have and improvise the rest. Like any good mother, we duct-taped plastic bags to our boy's shoes so their feet would stay dry. I think we even put plastic bags over their mittens. Yup, this is living ! LOL.


Brien said...

They sure are pretty after they're over with....but scary to deal with. We've had two bad ones in the past two years. Not a good record.

pookybabs said...

LOL......we put plastic bags over the kids feet in Missouri so they wouldn't get wet feet......and I have also been known to use plastic (cleaning) gloves over their little gloves to keep hands dry!

Dad said...

Great choice of photo subjects. Reminds me of Winter in the West.

I figured it out> "Our Pemberley" is an analogy for your treasure chest. The treasure is what is in your photos, particularly family and events. Does that work?

Rucker Family said...

LOL. "Our" Pemberley was derived from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Geeky, I know. Yes, Pemberley is a place where we feel safe and, most importantly, complete.