Dec 23, 2007

How is your American English?

Greg would love this survey!
FYI - I pronounce "caramel" with two syllables.
AND, the word "horrible" is pronounced with a long "o", not a short one. :)
AND, AND, I try not to EVER end a sentence with a preposition (though sometimes there are exceptions) . . . "Where is it at?" and "Where did you put it at?" are NOT good sentences and I actually don't even know what they mean.
Your Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English

20% Dixie

10% Upper Midwestern

5% Yankee

0% Midwestern

For my English-teaching-sister-in-law (JHR), I am anxious to know what your profile is!

I also found out what animal I was "in a past life" (no, I don't think I was ever really an animal, but it is funny that it goes hand in hand with my "Linguistic Profile").

You Were a Parrot

You are a master of language, and you use your wit to mock and tease others.
But you are also wise, and you often think carefully before you speak.

Your Linguistic Profile:

55% General American English

40% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

0% Yankee

Note: There is NO Yankee in the boy! lol.

1 comment:

The BirdHouse said...

I was 10% yankee. I guess Tim has ruined me.