Apr 7, 2009

Little sisters

I should actually have titled this YOUNGER sisters (remember, I cant use quotation marks on my keyboard now)....

I am so grateful that Janet is my younger sister. I would give you all link to her blog, but it is private and so the link would do no good. But, if you could see her children, you would know just how cute and wonderful they are ... because of their mother. I am so grateful that Jan had the first girl because she is really teaching me how to doll up my little princess. Jan has a love for fashion and for cuteness from which I can glean.
Thanks, Jan ... keep the ideas coming!

Here are some photos of Olivia and her new piggy tails (imagine quotations marks here).

I also (ummm) put mascara on her light, light eyelashes. Man, does she have some beauties?!


Jensen Fam said...

You are funny! Her hair is a few inches longer than the last time I saw her...like a month ago. And nice lashes! All of your kids have crazy long lashes! Abby is sitting here saying 'that's my livvy!' Cute hair! Can't wait to see what it looks like in a year. I look back at Abby's pictures from 6 months ago and just a few more inches in hair makes her/all girls look so much girlier and older. Yikes, we're in for it!

The BirdHouse said...

I love her eyes. They are so beautiful. And I am jealous of her "piggy tails"!! Are you jealous of my quotation marks??