Apr 7, 2009

General Conference

How many blog postings do we see about our eperience with General Conference? Isnt is awesome that we can instantly record our thoughts about Conference? Technology is great.
Even better is the fact that we can view Conference archives instantly after the broadcast.
For our family...
We made a big bowl of candy and a (long) list of key words to listen for during Conference. Once a key word was said, we took a piece of candy. We also spread blankets and had our own blanket time (I would use quotation marks here, but someone spilled cranberry slush on the keyboard and half of the special keys dont work...not even the apostrophe for the contraction dont). How did it work for us?
We went into sugar shock after the first two addresses. Calvin called it quits after the first talk, and Josh decided he would just stock pile his candy instead of eating it right away.


Jensen Fam said...

Holy cow, that candy looks so good!

The BirdHouse said...

Good heavens!! That's a lot of candy!! I'm getting sick just looking at it!