Dec 2, 2008


Josh is always keeping us on our toes. He asks the most odd questions. I have started writing them down so we don't forget them. His latest ones are:

"Dad, why do robbers drive green cars?"
??? huh ???

"Mom, what would you do if I jumped off the roof?" I don't remember my reply, but he had a solution to my shock: "What if I landed on a pillow?"

This one still has me laughing (he asked us just last night):
"Dad, could we swallow our lungs if we threw them up?"
?!? what ?!?
Greg replies, "I don't think so. Your lungs are pretty big things and your throat is kind of small . . . I guess if you chewed your lungs up into little pieces you could swallow them."
To which Josh exclaims, "No! If you did that you would die!"
As though losing your lungs in a bout of vomit wouldn't kill you first off.

Oh, Josh.


Jensen Fam said...

That's pretty darn funny. I remember when it was just C to crack us up!

The BirdHouse said...

Josh is such a little turkey boy!

Holly said...

That is too funny. I really needed a good chuckle today.....I feel better now, Thanks!