Dec 8, 2008

A Firefighter's Job

Here is a link of a post I started a while ago but just finished.
Greg has a collection of the fires he has attended - these are just a few.
Acutally, he has a wall at the station dedicated to these photos. He is in "competition" with C shift to see who can get more photos up on their walls.

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Jensen Fam said...

That is just really crazy. It is amazing how people can be properly trained to handle fire when the vast majority of us would flip out if we were even in or near one. I definitely have a massive appreciation for firefighters especially since I am related to one. I can't even watch the news without getting teary eyed watching people risk their lives to save others - namely firemen. AND I love how they are the biggest hero a 4 year old can have. I've never seen D light up as much as when firemen wave and possibly honk their horn for him as we drive by their station. Give G a hug for me and tell him sorry again that I almost caught his kitchen on fire.