Mar 16, 2008

Liv's cute face

Just thought I would share - Liv likes to show off her teeth. :)
The tooth count for now: 6
Oh, and she is clapping, waving, saying "uh-oh", saying "bye, bye, bye", crawling, pulling up on things, laughing, screaming at her brothers (they like to see who can "outscream" the other), pushing buttons (mostly on toys, but sometimes she'll push mine!), sleeping in her own bed at night (!), has stopped taking food from a spoon and will only take it (forcefully, almost) through a medicine dropper (hopefully this is only temporary), and....I think that is it. She is the happiest little thing in the world - I need to record her laugh b/c it is so cute.
K, enjoy!


The BirdHouse said...

Hallelujah!!! It's a miricle!!! You updated your blog with real pictures and everything! Thanks for the entertainment. Your kids are precious!

The BirdHouse said... embarrassing is it that I misspelled miracle? Did I spell embarrassing correctly? There's nothing more humiliating than being sarcastic and then spelling things wrong!