Mar 23, 2008


Happy Easter!

Here is our day!

Our baskets really weren't that big, so it gives the impression that they are stuffed to the hilt with goodies. :)

The white stuff you see on the table is glitter . . . perhaps the easter bunny left it there??

Liv's got toys and baby spoons!

The boys got a giant Hershey's kiss, a chocolate "woodland animal" and some toys - bubbles to blow for Liv and some pencils and erasers.

After church (Greg came home shortly after we did - miracle of miracles) and he hid the easter eggs . . . the first time I think he ever did that. This year our eggs didn't contain candy. Credit for the following idea comes from the Ensign Magazine. I put pictures of Jesus and scriptures in each egg. As the boys opened their eggs, we talked about what each picture was and their thoughts - we read each scripture. One egg was left empty. That was the best one of all . . . to help us remember the emtpy tomb on Easter.

I just love this time of year - I think more than Christmas! Jesus lives. He lives; I know he does! I hope you all had a wonderful day as well.


The BirdHouse said...

Cute pic of baby girl! Everyone cleans up real well!! I can't believe G didn't have to stay too late. Small miricles!

Jensen Family said...

Hey, when is the birdhouse going to get a blog? She needs to share the love and will have no excuse in a few weeks. She'll have bookoos of professional pics of her cuties in really cute bows and ties. :) Pass the word along in case she doesn't monitor your comment logs. :)