Oct 16, 2007

Children's laughter is the best!

This is one of our favorite videos. I just re-found it and thought the grandparents especially would get a kick out of this.

As you can see, Josh is in the hall outside the bathroom door. Calvin is inside shouting at Josh. Who knows what he is saying. Josh is throwing a marble at the door while Calvin shouts. Calvin used to sit in the bathroom for the longest time while Josh played through the door. Now Josh is the one that stays in the bathroom singing . . . and singing . . . and singing. I will get him on video one of these days. :)

This one is MY favorite video clip! I will sometimes just watch and watch. I laugh just as hard each time I see it. Again, Calvin has just opened the door to the bathroom (you can see that he is still holding his shirt up). They had been screaming through the door, though Josh thought that his scream was a whistle. You can see Josh straining to get his last scream out before Calvin scares the mess out of the poor little guy! Oh, brotherly love. :)


pookybabs said...

That is too funny~~ Tell Josh that I think of him often.....every time i see the color blue.......in our Primary calss one week, we talked about living/setting a good example so that when people thought of our name...they would remember something special about us. Well, That day we also talked about of favorite colors....Josh said his was Blue. And I told him that everytimr that I thought aout the color Blue.....I would always remember that it was his favorite color! "I have been thinkang about the color Blue alot lately!!!"

Jensen Family said...

Glad you finally joined the cool club. Your blog looks amazing and the pictures are incredible. Keep posting them since you never email them anymore. :) You need to do a look alike blog off all the kids around the same age. How do you get your video camera to link up to your computer?