Oct 18, 2007


Don't get too excited . . . this isn't our fire, Thanks Goodness! Greg has started a collection of some of his fires.
I have included just a few here for your viewing pleasure. For my cousin, TA . . . yep, being a firefighter can be pretty cool sometimes. :)

**While viewing this slideshow, I could SMELL the fires. I know that has to be some kind of psychological something . . . right? When Greg comes home from a shift, I always know if he had a fire and what kind (woods or house). That smell is one that lingers for a while. It gets into his hair folicles of all places, and even though he really tries to shampoo it out, it stays. If he brings his gear into the house for any reason after a fire, we can hardly breathe. lol. I think only a firefighter's wife can appreciate that laundry headache.

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