Apr 30, 2008

And it came to pass . . .

That I found my camera cord!!
Now, let's get this started . . .


He finally made it!!! Whew! He got a bookbag at 50 points and a T-shirt at 100. I don't think he will earn much more before the school year ends, but we don't mind - - we are very excited about this. Even his teacher from last year (actually 1st and 2nd grade were with the same teacher and class) found him in the hall to congratulate him! They broadcast the news of AR "winners" over the morning news via TV, so the whole school saw him. Yeah, yeah, I am bragging I know. :)

Don't ask me, but that is what Greg calls the two of them. We finally let Liv venture into the food-storage and play room area recently. Josh was showing her the food from their play kitchen. btw: This is the most awesomest kitchen ever! We have had it for a few years (Santa) and it is still just as good as when it arrived. I have little doubt that my grandkids will even be playing on it.

Oh, and the play room and food storage are not together - - that would be dangerous. :) The food is behind Liv (you can see our empty water drum in the background) and Josh is coming out of the playroom.


We took the boys bowling (for free) but made up for the freebie by going to Medieval Times Restaurant. Kids ate free during Spring Break, but we still dropped a load of cash that we would NEVER usually spend on food (tax season does bring perks. lol) **We opted for Medieval Times over Six Flags this year.

We had sooo much fun! We cheered for "our knight" and boo-ed the rest. The boys were so in to the whole thing, that it made the night just perfect. We ate with our fingers and no one seemed to care that half our food was hanging out of our mouths while we cheered and yelled (their food was hanging just the same as ours!).

The only "downside" according to Greg was this: the knights would throw roses into the audience to young ladies as they saw them. Our knight pointed to Liv and threw her a rose . . . the old lady next to Greg jumped over him to grab the thing . Greg wasn't a bit happy, but I figured the lady probably got more use out of it than Olivia would have. :)


So, I recently discovered the Dogwood trees that we planted in our yard a few years ago. They smell sooo pretty! Spring is here!


Calvin neede to participate in an outdoor flag ceremony for scouts. We talked with the school and they let him help the safety patrol one afternoon. Can you see how excited he was to carry the flag inside?! :)

Yes, yes - we take cub scouts very seriously. :)

KBB, do you recognize that shirt?? ;)
(How do you like my attempt to disguise the young safety patrol next to Calvin?)


Greg took the boys fishing twice last week. Once at the park and once at "Mr. Dudley's house". Mr. Dudley is a wonderful little old man in a wheel chair who loves our family and we sure love him. He helped Greg fix a Go-Kart for the boys one year, and then asked for it back so he could tinker with it some more. . . he returned it with a new engine and a two-seater deal! It is so much fun. This is why having land (1 1/5 acres) is worth the work. lol.

Anyway, Mr. Dudley has a lake in his yard and also seems to have fish as well. Calvin wouldn't touch his fish, nor would he bait his own hook, but had no problem watching Greg filet the fish later at home. Me? I had to walk out of the room while Greg did his thing. :(

Liv and Daddy
Liv's famous tongue!! Dad is plugged into his iPod . . . sometimes I can hear him singing as he cuts the grass. I don't think he knows I can hear him. lol.

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