Nov 10, 2007


So, this was our Halloween this year. The boys were cowboys (costume materials cost less than $15 for both - we are on a budget, people). Greg did their "faces" and I did the vests . . . good thing the camera doesn't catch my HAND-SEWN work. lol, it was pretty pathetic. FYI - I know that cowboys don't carry machine guns or Star Wards blasters, but we pulled from what we had at home. :)
Olivia was a Bumble bee - my sister found the costume at a garage sale for $3. The kid was able to sleep at or church Fall Festival - lucky thing.

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pookybabs said...

LOL, I wish I had known that you needed Oliva some costumes.....I have box full of them here......hmmm...maybe next year!

the boys looked awesome!!! Love the coyboy costumes.....THAT was SO Josh!!! Looks like you all (except Oliva) enjoyed the Fall Festival.....our ward cancelled ours......(not happy in this ward but I am trying) So instead we went to another Ward's (by invitation) and we were so happy to be there. We met a ton of new families out age.....and the girls still got to have fun for Halloween. Here they do the Trunk or treat ON halloween to keep the kids off the streets.